Wimbledon Whites & Compression Tights

serena william compression tights

Wimbledon has got off to a sizzling start this week as the worlds top tennis stars hit the courts during a UK heatwave. 

Celebrities have been turning out in their summer finery but it’s the dress code of the players that is most scrutinised. It might be a strict rule – but a least it’s a simple one: Players must wear white. 

White clothing, white shoes with white soles, white caps, white wristbands or headbands, white socks even white undergarments – if it’s not white, you’re not coming in.

But it is tennis legend Serena Williams pristine whites matched with skin tone, compression tights that have raised eyebrows. The champion player has stated that the compression tights are to help with blood flow after experiencing issues with blood clots, particularly during the birth of her first child who was delivered last September. 


serena william compression tights1


Compression tights apply gentle pressure to legs to encourage blood flow, keeping legs feeling energised and comfortable. Often worn to sooth medical conditions or to assist those that are on their feet all day, The Tight Spot stocks a range of compression tights that can sometimes be difficult to find on the high street. 

A favourite are the Cecilia De Rafael Energize 70 Denier Tights. With graduated compression for a comfortable wear, slight shine, semi-sheer finish and a light sliming effect on the waist and hips these support tights are a great choice for compression wear that looks stylish. Also available up to size XXL.  



View the complete range at The Tight Spot.

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