TREND ALERT: New Season Shades


Wolford’s new season shades have dropped and these mellow shades have us looking forward to a fresh and chic Autumn.

The silvery Arctic Grey, deep Eggplant and cool Blue Shadow have a futuristic, sleek feel with the familiar feeling of a mellow Autumn. Beautiful colours to match with this seasons leather skirts, wrap dresses and 80’s inspired boots.

Wolford’s Satin Touch 20 Tights are now available in the Shadow Blue or Eggplant and the famous Wolford Colorado String Body is now available in Artic Grey or Eggplant. Everyday essentials in on trend shades – limited availability! Check out all of Wolford‘s new arrivals, including stunning fashion styles today.



One thought on “TREND ALERT: New Season Shades

  1. Thanks for the info the blue shadow even the eggplant looks nice when it comes to tights. Those 2 colors are something I would wear now being on limited income might take me awhile before I can get a pair or 2 but will get things together or will choose something else from your great selection of tights.


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