Recycled Nylons : Hosiery Finally Gets The Green Treatment

Did you know tights and socks can take more than 40 years to decompose in landfill? And with all of us more aware than ever of how our waste impacts the planet, one hosiery brand have taken it upon themselves to offer hosiery that doesn’t cost the earth – in more ways than one!

Proving that you can still enjoy wearing gorgeous tights whilst knowing you have helped protect our precious planet, Pamela Mann, one of the largest UK Hosiery Suppliers, have shown their commitment to the environment by replacing two of their best selling styles with products that use 88% recycled yarns.

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You Would Never Guess These Tights Are Recycled!

The Pamela Mann 80 Denier and 50 Denier Recycled Tights feel incredibly soft and lovely to wear, you would never guess they are made using recycled yarns.

Check out the review by Alaira.  She gives the Pamela Mann Recycled Tights 10 out of 10! She says “I’m an earth loving girl and like to do my bit for the planet”, and gave the tights very high ratings for style, comfort and value for money.  Made with specialist recycled Nilit yarns and featuring a soft waistband and reinforced toe for extra durability, the tights are a classic style that also help the environment. The Pamela Mann eco tights are available in plus size too!



The Textiles Industry Is Currently The Second Most Polluting Industry On Earth

In 2017, an estimated 235m items of Britons’ unwanted clothing were expected to end up in landfill unnecessarily. Pamela Mann has listened to the global concerns on the issues around waste and pollution, with the textiles industry currently the second most polluting industry in the world.  This leading brand has recognized the time for change.

“By manufacturing these products for high street and online brands, and filtering them down to the end-user, it enabled everyone to do their bit. We are beginning with our global best – selling products and actively looking to expand our recycled range throughout 2018 and beyond”, says Rob Morris, Managing Director Pamela Mann.

Partnering with nylon specialists Nilit, Pamela Mann is now using recycled yarns to create their best selling 50 denier and 80 denier opaque tights – a process that minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and decreases emission.

In addition, Pamela Mann use an Oeko-Tex certified dye house that uses solar power and recycles water to ensure the environmental impact is considered and minimized in all aspects of production.

High Quality Recycled Tights Do Exist!

Recycled items can sometimes receive bad feedback for their poor quality or inferior finish. However, this is not the case with Pamela Mann’s opaque tights. Nilit Ecocare produces Oeko-Tex certified, quality yarns, with a deep uniform colour – so no grainy finish and a classic, soft opaque feel.

Even the packaging is made from recycled cardboard! A simple way to reduce landfill from your everyday fashion choices.



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