Thrilling New Vibe for Wolford!


There’s something different about Wolford

Their new season release not only brings us fantastic fashion styles and unusual designs but a completely fresh feel. Same quality, timeless pieces – new, high energy vibe.

To awaken this youthful, daring spirit, Wolford hosted a night of mystery and magic, which started in the sub-terrain of an impressive, Victorian building in East London. With no knowledge of what was to come, The Tight Spot’s Sophie and Sarah went down the rabbit hole and jumped headfirst into a new era of Wolford….

The invite instructed that you “Bring Your #TRUECHARACTER” and as we handed our coats to the purple clad bellboys in tails and hot pants, matched with Wolford Hold Ups of course, it was clear that a new side to Wolford’s Character was being unleashed.


As we ventured in further through a warren of corridors, each new space expressed an element of Wolford’s style, values and signature designs. This immersive theatre experience offered a celebration of Wolford’s most famous qualities and a thrilling insight into the new direction that the brand is taking.

From the sugary sweet circular knitting room – where a mermaid dressed in an elongated Fatal Dress perched atop a ball of yarn, handing out Strawberries and Cream Candyfloss. To a sterile laboratory where eerie scientists experimented on models and textiles to develop the next best hosiery invention, offering syringes filled with raspberry curd to anxious guests.

Moving through to the trend rooms, such as “Feeding The Animals Is Prohibited” where models dressed in animal prints, hides and feathers scampered and swung across the misty, rainforest floor so those passing through felt to be imposing on a tribe of hosiery clad creatures. A possible sneak peak at AW19? Who knows!

The fishnet room featured a sinister take on Strictly, where a powerful performance of tango meets acrobatics was performed inside a web of net. Onwards to the Sheer/Opaque room where panels of sheer and opaque materials obscured a striking drag queen transforming from a tracksuit wearing man, to a full blown glamour puss – who joined us on the dance floor later in the evening.

Wolford, like many brands have been focusing on their environmental impact and product sustainability. In the eco room, allotment owners tended to their crops and plants in Wolford’s Cradle to Cradle leggings, which are 100% biodegradable. Top tip for any dinner party hosts –nibbles here consisted of whole, pickled miniature vegetables in a soil bed of hummus and arancini balls on stalks, so you could literally pick your own food.

A neon pink room featured a hot and steamy pool party with sliders and lobster rolls sizzling on the barbeque where party guests wore Wolford SS19 swimwear. Visitors were invited to take a dip in the glitter pool – which, after a few Long Flint craft cocktails, we of course did!


As we wondered, wide eyed around the dark, UV lit show – alongside influencers, buyers, Wolford staff and packs of models striking group poses, the buzz and excitement for the future of this classic brand was palpable.  

The first look of Wolford’s SS19 campaign certainly confirms this with electric, tongue in cheek imagery that speaks to those who want more than a great product from this luxury brand.

We can’t wait to see more from this new side of Wolford. Watch this space.

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