Must Read – Find Tights That Actually Fit!👏


Tights, Stockings and Hold Ups are not try before you buy items & there’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in an uncomfortable piece of hosiery all day long!
So, we’ve put together some handy tips on which brands work best for what body types. Make sure you check the size chart for every product and consider both width and height stretch. We stock a huge range so no matter your shape, we’ll have something that is just right for you. 

Best For Tall

Wearing tights that are too short is so uncomfortable & can result in tears or ladders due to distortion of fibres or because they are constantly being pulled up! Show off those long legs with great fitting hosiery:

  1. Levante Hosierycome in X-Tall which is 6″1 or 185cm, from £5.95
  2.  Glamory Hosiery , up to 4XL in height this is 6’7″ or 204cm, from £5.95
  3. Wolford Leggings, up to 6’1″ in Height this is 186cm, from £26.95
  4. Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15 Shiny Tights, up to XXLarge which is 6’3″ or 195cm,£14.95


Best For Large Thighs

Hosiery that’s too tight on the thigh can dig in or tear. Hold ups and stockings that don’t fit the thigh comfortably can be unflattering, or can start to roll down the leg! Choosing a specialist product like below will mean all day comfort and security: 


  1. Lida Thigh ProtectorAvoid thigh chafe this summer! Up to thigh circumference 40″ or 100cm, £8.95
  2. Miss Naughty Hold Upsup to 3XL, thigh circumference 30″ or 78cm, £10.95
  3. Glamory Hosieryup to 4XL in thigh circumference 39″ or 99cm, in tights, hold ups and stockings
  4. Lida Tightsup to 67″ hip circumference or 170cm in tights, leggings and hold ups, from £7.95

Best For Round Tummies

Getting tights to fit in the leg and waist can be difficult if you carry more weight on the stomach. Choosing styles with deep waistbands and flat or no seams will reduce any digging in and should create a smoother silhouette. We’d recommend these:

  1. Gipsy TightsCreate a smooth, sleek outline with Gipsy Shaper Tights, up to XL, £7.95
  2. Oroblu TightsAll feature comfort, deeper waistbands! Many styles up to  XXL, from £8.95
  3. Wolford Neon 40 TightsComfort sewn on waistband with reinforcement, up to XL £26.95
  4. Platino Confort Tightsdeep, adjustable comfort waistband, up to XXLarge, £9.95

Best For Short

Tights that are too long fall down, constantly. You may also find that unsightly rolls gather at the ankles and knees. It’s especially a problem for net or patterned tights where a even finish is key! Try the below brands for a good, shorter fit.

  1. Fiore HosieryHeight from 5’0″ or 152cm, run short!
  2. Cecilia de Rafael TightsHeight is from 4’8″ or 145cm, many in XSmall
  3. Gipsy TightsHeight is from 5’0″ or 152cm, run short!
  4. Trasparenze TightsHeight is from 4’9″ or 149cm

Best For Wide Hips

Wide hips will feel more comfortable in tights with extra waist and hip space – sometimes this includes a back panel insert. However, more luxury items made from quality materials will naturally accommodate a greater hip stretch. We love:

  1. Levante Extra Tightsup to XXL which is 242lbs or 110kg, specially fitted for larger hips, £6.75
  2. Pamela Mann Maxi 50 Denier Tightsup to 5XL which is UK size 34 and USA 32, specially fitted for large hips, £8.95
  3. Lida Crotchless Tightsup to hip circumference of 67″ or 170cm, plus extra hip and thigh space, £9.95
  4. Wolford Satin Touch 20 TightsLuxury yarns, up to XXL UK Dress Size 24 – 26, USA 22 – 24, £18.95

4 thoughts on “Must Read – Find Tights That Actually Fit!👏

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  2. Hi there!

    I want to buy summer light support tight!😁🤔
    Love Cecilia de Rafael tight!
    Wolford and Levante belongs to my fav too!❤
    Have you some good example to me?
    Which brands for a tall woman? 😘 ( 185 )

    Kind regards


  3. Buying tights over the years am very well read from blogs to forums and reviews. I know a great deal about the fit and feel of hosiery plus the look. Not all O/S size fits all depends on the brand. Most O/S fits me but depends on waist thigh size and inseam.


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