Thrilling New Vibe for Wolford!


There’s something different about Wolford

Their new season release not only brings us fantastic fashion styles and unusual designs but a completely fresh feel. Same quality, timeless pieces – new, high energy vibe.

To awaken this youthful, daring spirit, Wolford hosted a night of mystery and magic, which started in the sub-terrain of an impressive, Victorian building in East London. With no knowledge of what was to come, The Tight Spot’s Sophie and Sarah went down the rabbit hole and jumped headfirst into a new era of Wolford….

The invite instructed that you “Bring Your #TRUECHARACTER” and as we handed our coats to the purple clad bellboys in tails and hot pants, matched with Wolford Hold Ups of course, it was clear that a new side to Wolford’s Character was being unleashed.


As we ventured in further through a warren of corridors, each new space expressed an element of Wolford’s style, values and signature designs. This immersive theatre experience offered a celebration of Wolford’s most famous qualities and a thrilling insight into the new direction that the brand is taking.

From the sugary sweet circular knitting room – where a mermaid dressed in an elongated Fatal Dress perched atop a ball of yarn, handing out Strawberries and Cream Candyfloss. To a sterile laboratory where eerie scientists experimented on models and textiles to develop the next best hosiery invention, offering syringes filled with raspberry curd to anxious guests.

Moving through to the trend rooms, such as “Feeding The Animals Is Prohibited” where models dressed in animal prints, hides and feathers scampered and swung across the misty, rainforest floor so those passing through felt to be imposing on a tribe of hosiery clad creatures. A possible sneak peak at AW19? Who knows!

The fishnet room featured a sinister take on Strictly, where a powerful performance of tango meets acrobatics was performed inside a web of net. Onwards to the Sheer/Opaque room where panels of sheer and opaque materials obscured a striking drag queen transforming from a tracksuit wearing man, to a full blown glamour puss – who joined us on the dance floor later in the evening.

Wolford, like many brands have been focusing on their environmental impact and product sustainability. In the eco room, allotment owners tended to their crops and plants in Wolford’s Cradle to Cradle leggings, which are 100% biodegradable. Top tip for any dinner party hosts –nibbles here consisted of whole, pickled miniature vegetables in a soil bed of hummus and arancini balls on stalks, so you could literally pick your own food.

A neon pink room featured a hot and steamy pool party with sliders and lobster rolls sizzling on the barbeque where party guests wore Wolford SS19 swimwear. Visitors were invited to take a dip in the glitter pool – which, after a few Long Flint craft cocktails, we of course did!


As we wondered, wide eyed around the dark, UV lit show – alongside influencers, buyers, Wolford staff and packs of models striking group poses, the buzz and excitement for the future of this classic brand was palpable.  

The first look of Wolford’s SS19 campaign certainly confirms this with electric, tongue in cheek imagery that speaks to those who want more than a great product from this luxury brand.

We can’t wait to see more from this new side of Wolford. Watch this space.


Get on the Glitz! Top Hosiery Trends for the Festive Season 2018/19

We’ve put together some of our most glamorous and glitzy party tights in this festive hosiery showcase, perfect for your Christmas and New Year wardrobe.  Take a look below at our top trends for this year’s party season, go on, Get on the Glitz!

All that glitters


Gipsy Glitter Tights


For the ultimate party look, these 20 denier sheer tights shimmer with glittering silver. Featuring a plain black brief and nylon yarns woven with metallic fibres for a full on sparkle effect. Perfect for a glamorous look at the Christmas office party or adding some bling to your little black dress.

“These tights could go with anything in your Christmas wardrobe”, says Alaira in her review below. She gave the glitter pantyhose a 10/10 rating for value, style and comfort!  Alaira says that “they are well made and feel comfortable on, I will wear them for Christmas parties and family gatherings”.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Silky Scarlet Diamante Fishnet Backseam Tights


Show off your leg length and shine like a diamond at the New Year’s Eve party!  These sexy and stylish diamanté back seam tights from Silky are a fantastic combination of the latest fashion and pure luxury at a great value price. The addition of diamonds along the backseam of these fishnets creates a feminine touch.  Featuring a mesh diamond net pattern from toe to top, these seamed pantyhose are a regular net with a close net appearance, which makes them ideal for seductive party wear. 

Arabella reviews these gorgeous tights below, explaining that the backseam starts from the toe and that they are nice and easy to put on. “They feel really soft and comfortable, great value for money”, says Arabella.


All I want for Christmas…


Jonathan Aston Spot Backseam Tights


What to wear for Christmas Eve drinks?  Jonathan Aston has created these stunning polka dot backseam tights that will take your festive season outfit to the next level.  Designed using a delicate polka dot design on the leg contrasting with a gentle shading on the thigh band to give a mock hold ups look. They also feature a backseam that begins at the brief and ends at the heel.  Jonathan Aston has mixed both modern and vintage designs together to create a striking pair of backseam pantyhose.  These elegant mock hold up tights will go with any sequin or velvet outfit, creating a touchable and irresistible look for Christmas.

“The backseam and spot detail is just beautiful, it’s so pretty”, says Alicia in her review.  She liked the “nice thick waistband, which is stretchy” and that “the seam is raised, so it is easy to get them straight” when they are on. 


Shine bright



Gipsy 40 Denier Metallic Tights


Be fun and flirty on Boxing day in these stunning 40 denier super shine tights from Gipsy.  Available in beautiful Rose Gold, Silver or Fuchsia Pink, show off your individuality and be on trend this festive season.  If you love a glamorous, shiny look, these are the pantyhose for you!  The 40 denier feels light but gives your legs good coverage.  Add some sparkle and shine to your casual Boxing day look by paring these tights with a jumper dress. They are also available in black giving an ultimate high shine gleam to any festive outfit.

Luxufab tried the Rose Gold colour in this style and just loves the metallic shine, a “wow” look that will go with any dress and still keep you warm she says. 

Seasons Sparkle


Silky Lurex Medium Net Sparkle Tights


Your ‘go to’ for high fashion party tights!  Fishnet tights have been this year’s hottest fashion tights trend, showcased on many catwalk shows and worn by most celebrity fashionistas, from Kim Kardashian to Sarah Jessica Parker.  These medium net pantyhose from Silky are a ‘must have’ in any hosiery wardrobe for this festive season and beyond!  With their slightly wider net design offering a modern, yet easy to wear style, they feature silver metallic lurex yarns which are threaded into the black diamond net, giving them a sparkle like no other fishnets.  They also have a reinforced toe for durability and comfort, which is ideal for dancing the night away on New Year’s Eve!

An “exceptionally glitzy” look with metallic thread woven into the net, Alicia gives these tights a 10/10 rating!

Recycled Nylons : Hosiery Finally Gets The Green Treatment

Did you know tights and socks can take more than 40 years to decompose in landfill? And with all of us more aware than ever of how our waste impacts the planet, one hosiery brand have taken it upon themselves to offer hosiery that doesn’t cost the earth – in more ways than one!

Proving that you can still enjoy wearing gorgeous tights whilst knowing you have helped protect our precious planet, Pamela Mann, one of the largest UK Hosiery Suppliers, have shown their commitment to the environment by replacing two of their best selling styles with products that use 88% recycled yarns.

recycle banner

You Would Never Guess These Tights Are Recycled!

The Pamela Mann 80 Denier and 50 Denier Recycled Tights feel incredibly soft and lovely to wear, you would never guess they are made using recycled yarns.

Check out the review by Alaira.  She gives the Pamela Mann Recycled Tights 10 out of 10! She says “I’m an earth loving girl and like to do my bit for the planet”, and gave the tights very high ratings for style, comfort and value for money.  Made with specialist recycled Nilit yarns and featuring a soft waistband and reinforced toe for extra durability, the tights are a classic style that also help the environment. The Pamela Mann eco tights are available in plus size too!



The Textiles Industry Is Currently The Second Most Polluting Industry On Earth

In 2017, an estimated 235m items of Britons’ unwanted clothing were expected to end up in landfill unnecessarily. Pamela Mann has listened to the global concerns on the issues around waste and pollution, with the textiles industry currently the second most polluting industry in the world.  This leading brand has recognized the time for change.

“By manufacturing these products for high street and online brands, and filtering them down to the end-user, it enabled everyone to do their bit. We are beginning with our global best – selling products and actively looking to expand our recycled range throughout 2018 and beyond”, says Rob Morris, Managing Director Pamela Mann.

Partnering with nylon specialists Nilit, Pamela Mann is now using recycled yarns to create their best selling 50 denier and 80 denier opaque tights – a process that minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and decreases emission.

In addition, Pamela Mann use an Oeko-Tex certified dye house that uses solar power and recycles water to ensure the environmental impact is considered and minimized in all aspects of production.

High Quality Recycled Tights Do Exist!

Recycled items can sometimes receive bad feedback for their poor quality or inferior finish. However, this is not the case with Pamela Mann’s opaque tights. Nilit Ecocare produces Oeko-Tex certified, quality yarns, with a deep uniform colour – so no grainy finish and a classic, soft opaque feel.

Even the packaging is made from recycled cardboard! A simple way to reduce landfill from your everyday fashion choices.



Benefiting From Compression Hosiery Whilst Staying On Trend!

You will find a huge range of compression tights at The Tight, so it’s important to locate a style that will work for you. From Wolford’s Velvet 66 Support Tights that are ideal for everyday wear to Silky’s Flight Socks that help your legs during long-haul flights, all features and specifications have been carefully noted to help you make the right choice.

Our compression hosiery is affordable and easy to use for any activity. There are many colours available to suit any look and as a specialist in plus size hosiery, The Tight compression tights include brands with sizes up to XXL, suitable for women of all shapes and sizes for any physical requirement.

So what are the benefits of wearing compression hosiery?

The pressure created aids swelling and fatigue, reduces the chances of blood clots and helps to prevent varicose veins. Furthermore, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a potential debilitating and life-threatening disease, with an annual incidence of one to two per 1,000 people. Whilst compression tights are not a cure for varicose veins or DVT, doctors often recommend compression tights or stockings to improve circulation, stop varicose veins from getting worse, and reduce pain or discomfort.

Check out the review by Courtney Hooper regarding the Cecilia de Rafael energize 70 compression tights. She explains what varicose veins are and how these tights compress around problem areas such as the ankle, knee and thigh. Courtney also noticed that when she wore them all day at work, she didn’t have any of the discomfort she would normally have in her legs and hips.

Pregnancy / Exercise / DVT / Travelling

Particularly during pregnancy, women can suffer from tired, swollen and achy feet/legs. Our Gipsy Mama Support Tights are great for relieving pain and increasing circulation by supporting the blood and veins in the legs against the force of gravity, getting the blood back up to the heart and the rest of the upper body. Compression wear has also been shown to reduce lactic acid build-up after exercise and in some cases improve performance of competitive athletes. They are also great for travelling on long haul flights by significantly reducing the risk of DVT as well as leg swelling (oedema).

Everyday wear for work

Compression hosiery is also perfect for everyday wear for work. Becki Louise is a hairdresser and is on her feet all day, she therefore has poor blood circulation and thought that the Charnos medium energising support tights were great for adding more pressure at the bottom of the leg so that she felt comfortable all day at work. See her review here:

Modern compression tights are sophisticated in design so that they are suitable for various activities whilst still being highly fashionable. The tights provide consistent pressure to the legs, helping blood to flow back towards the heart, whilst offering a comfortable wear that looks and feels attractive. The strength of compression is measured in mmHg (millimetres of mercury), which is a scientific term to measure the amount of pressure exerted over a specific area. Many styles feature gradient compression so that the pressure gradually decreases or increases at different points of the leg. Compression tights usually exert more pressure near the ankles and feet where blood flow can be slow and swelling is common. For example, the Levante control and support tights are excellent quality, offering medium leg support with a control boxer brief that is slimming. They also have a slight sheen, reinforced toe, 30 denier finish, flat seams and a factor 8 graduated compression for leg stress. These tights are ideal for anyone on their feet all day to keep their legs energised yet still look fabulous.

From tights, hold ups, knee highs, maternity tights, travel socks to flight socks, there are lots of luxury and affordable compression hosiery styles for you to choose from, for any purpose.


Top 5 Halloween Fancy Dress Looks 2018

We have put together a quick and easy guide for Halloween dress up looks with our pick of the top hosiery styles to make sure you win in the spooky style stakes at this years Halloween party!

Whether you are looking for hosiery to spice up or to complete a Halloween costume, The Tight has a range of fashionable tights, hold ups and stockings that will take your look from dead boring to high fashion killer! From lace and nets to sparkle, we have the top trending hosiery you need to get the Halloween edge at a party – or to wrap up in whilst out trick or treating.

Our top 5 looks feature Pamela Mann hosiery, which also has 20% off in October to celebrate this haunting season! Use code BOO20 in the basket to receive the discount. With a great range of styles and many in plus size – Pamela Mann is the go-to for comfort, style and quirky looks. So order now in time for fright night!

1. Witches on Broomstick Printed Tights

witches_on_broomsticks_tights_1 (1)

These Witches on Broomstick Printed Tights will have everyone talking at the party! Featuring a bold blue print with witches and bats, these comfortable and opaque tights are a great addition to a sophisticated black velvet dress for a mystical look. As model and vlogger, Alicia says these are a good option if you’re not a fan of fancy dress or on a budget. Match with something simple that’s already in your wardrobe and still be in the Halloween Spirit without going all out! See her review and styling tips:



2. Wide Fishnet Tassel Tights

Don’t worry about creating an entire outfit from scratch when you can wear a pair of Wide Net Tassel Tights, with lilac tassels attached and a sheer to waist brief, together with a sexy bodysuit such as the Anabel Arto Scallop Lace Top Body. The 80’s Zombie look is perfect – disco meets death!

3. Over The Knee Dragon Tights & Cobweb Tights

Perfect for adding gothic drama to your Halloween look, the Alchemy Dragon Over The Knee Tights are designed using a soft material with a 60 denier opaque finish at the thigh, going into a 15 denier sheer panel to create a mock hold up or over the knee sock look.

For a quirky, vampy look, opt for the Cobweb Pattern Net Tights, which are available up to size XXXL. The black net pattern runs from toe to waist giving you a seductive look, which is completely on trend for this season. Plus – you won’t have to worry about getting a hole or run! The net on these tights is soft and comfortable – checkout Luxufab review video:

4. Stripy Twickers Tights or Footless Tights!

Go bold and funky with these classic bright Twickers Stripe Tights, with an opaque finish and available in many shades, from brilliant Flo blue to monochrome black and white. These are the ideal purchase for a Halloween fancy dress outfit from pumpkin to witch, clown to spider – a great way to add colour and fun to your look.

5. Leggings – Wet Look for Slash Front!


For seductive black cats or slinky gothic looks try these fabulous leggings! The Wet Look Leggings offer a shining, fitted finish whilst the Slash Front Leggings or Tights have a rock and roll edge. Wear with a black top or bodysuit (see our Bodysuit section for ideas!) for a form-fitting, funky Halloween look.


Alaira reviews and styles the Slash Front Tights here:

We hope you’ve got some good tips and tricks to get your Halloween look together now, not long to go now so shop today with 20% off, use code BOO20 in the basket.

Offer Valid until 31st October 2018.

Wolford Team up with Famous Female Tattoo Artists to Create Wolford INK

wolford ink TTS

wolford ink banner

The Tight is proud to announce that as a long-standing retailer of Wolford Hosiery, we are one of a handful or retailers globally to stock the exclusive Wolford Ink collection

Wolford has brought together some of the most talented, female tattoo artists in Europe for a unique collection of tattoo tights.

Each tattoo artist has created their own design, which is featured on the classic Nude 8 Wolford Tights – giving the optical illusion of a striking tattoo, without the permanence or pain!

Through this collaboration, Wolford demonstrates it’s ability to stay at the forefront of trends and style whilst remaining true to the classic, premium quality hosiery at its core.

Melina, Anna, Galya, Carin and Emily Malice are female artists based in Europe. These leading tattoo artists are renowned for their exquisite designs, which embody style, confidence in female empowerment.

Galya Gisca

Galya gisca 111

Originally from Moldova, now residing in Amsterdam. Galya gets her inspiration from mythology, nature and the engraving masters of the past. An art student and keen illustrator, tattooing became second nature to her. “Nothing makes me happier than making custom pieces for my clients and knowing I mark people’s lives in such a meaningful way”.

Carin Silver

carin silver 111

One of the most popular tattoo artists in Paris, Carin studied at the School of Fine Arts. Beginnings her tattooing career four years ago as an apprentice in Barcelona. She moved back to Paris and now is the co-founder of Les Maux Bleus. Carin’s tattoo style is mainly dominated by floral designs and fine line illustrations.

Emily Malice

emily malice 111

Emily Malice is known for creating beautifully poetic and delicately crafted tattoo designs that centre around the fragility of life. She became extremely popular in 2013 and continues to be, due to her artistry and inspiring young people to be themselves. “I love botany – flowers possess timeless beauty. I also love pop art. I feel my art reflects these two loves in a delicious collision”.

The Wolford Nude 8 Tights are an established Wolford favourite, with an innovative bi-component yarn composition that leaves the leg apparently naked and completely flawless – helping to achieve a realistic tattoo look, with the design standing centre stage.

With limited availability and stock, the Galya, Carin and Malice styles are available now at The Tight

Hosiery Fashion AW 18/19 Look Book: This Season’s Top 5 Must-Have Trends |

Whilst we might be trying to hang on to summer – our minds are firmly focused on fresh and exciting Autumn Winter trends! With new styles arriving daily – we’ve put together the five Autumn Winter Hosiery Trends for 2018/19. It’s going to be a very stylish season. Let’s dive in, shall we?


1 | It’s all about that sparkle!

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.53.22

‘Tis the season to sparkle. Whether you’ve got a special event or just feel like getting fancy, sparkle tights is just the thing to upgrade your winter wardrobe. From polka dot patterns to sheer lurex looks, sparkle tights have been elevated from kids Christmas party to the height of hosiery glamor. Seen on catwalks and FROW globally.

2 | Layer-up in fancy florals (and lots of it)

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.05.03.png

In case you haven’t noticed, floral patterns have taken the fashion industry by storm. Through Spring Summer and on to Autumn Winter,  many fashion houses have featured floral print as their go to pattern. This vintage, chintzy look has now made it’s way into the Autumn Winter season by the addition of darker colours and opaque finishs. Floral patterned tights will add a sophistication to your look that can be work casually or is also great for a more formal environment.  Go head to toe, clashing prints for an all out fashion frenzy.

3 | Invest in lace

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.13.11.png

One of the biggest trends for Autumn Winter is definitely stunning lace tights! Rihanna was Vogue UK’s September cover star and was pictured wearing Jonathan Aston Black Lace Tights. As we all know, Vogue is the go-to for the biggest fashion trends and with there seal of approval it’s safe to say lace is in! Lace tights can give a sultry sophistication or a flirty yet luxury look – brands such as Wolford and La Perla have really embraced this trend this season.

4 | The crown jewel tones

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.36.16.png

Metallics and Jewel Tones are the modern twist on the vintage florals and lace styles.  Ideal to add a pop of colour to your look, this trend is opulent and bold with a glam 80’s feel. Keep it sophisticated with paired back outfits and quality materials. Hosiery brands, such as Wolford, Trasparenze and Oroblu have been creating bold and bright fashion tights, that look and feel incredible. Kim Kardashian – usually clad in neutral tones, has been rocking bright colours everywhere she goes, even matching with her brand new Mercedes. A sign that colour is BACK.

kim neon.jpg

5 | Athleisure is a pleasure

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.27.38.png

Know this: for autumn, fashion is really, really into Athleisure, casual wear. From side stripes, influenced by the iconic Adidas triple-stripe tracksuit bottoms, to fashion leggings and more. Celebrities like Zendaya, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner have all been sporting this look. Sporty side striped tights and leggings are the go-to leg-wear this autumn winter. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time? With this trend, the pieces are so versatile that you can afford to invest in a classic piece that can be dressed up or down as the mood takes.


Check out The Tight Spot’s complete AW Hosiery Fashion Look Book