Wolford Collaborates with Austrian Designer Marina Hoermanseder

Wolford teams up with fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder to create an exclusive capsule collection.

Founded in 2013, Marina Hoermanseder prides herself in creating items of clothing that challenges what femininity is and incorporates progressive design techniques with fetish elements, including the iconic buckle. She is also known to experiment with sharp contrasts and plays with the beauty of the unconventional.

In this years Fashion Week, as part of Marina Hoermanseder’s AW 17/18 show, she debuted an exclusive capsule collection, in Berlin; appropriately named “Wolford by Marina Hoermanseder”. In the show she demonstrated two pairs of tights, a body and a killer dress all incorporating the buckle and her signature.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.12.37

These black and nude tights give the look of thigh highs with Marina Hoermanseder’s iconic buckle design that goes just above the knee half way to the thigh. These opaque tights are the perfect leg wear accessory for a luxury night out.

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With this design Marina Hoermanseder reinventing the vintage back seam.  The back seam of these tights features Marina Hoermanseder’s iconic signature, running like a heartbeat above the ankle, it also includes the notable buckle design added to the black band of the tights. A classic design with a modern application.

These incredible and unique designs created by Wolford and designed by Marina are limited edition. Get a pair of high quality fashion tights straight off the runway!

This Marina Hoermanseder x Wolford collaboration also coincides with Wolford’s latest high fashion hosiery drop featuring a cool urban edge with many designs featuring silver studs and rivets.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.39.43

Feel like a rock star in these 66 denier black opaque tights that are embellished with 340 gleaming silver rivets scattered on luxury velvet tights. Perfect as a luxury Christmas gift for a hosiery lover.

The new collection by Wolford has arrived just in time to go with your Christmas works do outfit or a New Years Eve party. Go into the New Year looking and feeling great, shop Wolford’s new collection available at The Tight Spot.

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competition Wolford catwalk



Keeping up with Wolford Hosiery

The new season of Keeping up with The Kardashian’s has just started, have you been keeping up?

The Kardashian’s are one of the most famous families in the world and the world of style has been feeling the Kardashian Effect for a while now.

Everyone is always watching them, everything they do, everything they wear, and everywhere they go.

Wolford quality products have been championed by the Kardashian clan – particularly the Fatal Wolford Dress that exploded in popularity after Kim almost exclusively dressed in the tube dress throughout her pregnancies.

Their super polished look is achieved by simple, quality products – like Wolford!

Whilst catching up this weekend – look out for Wolford pieces on screen and why not think about trying them for yourself!

wolford K.jpg

The second youngest of the family and the most fashionable sister, super model Kendal Jenner can be seen below wearing Wolford’s Fishnet Twenty Tights in the trend of the moment style  – under denim. Fishnets have become a staple hosiery item in today’s fashion world, from A-Listers to street style. Try Wolford’s Kaylee Whale Net Tights for a high end twist on this hosiery classic.

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Whilst getting your reality TV fix on E! Entertainment, look out for The Tight Spot advert – showcasing AW fashion from Wolford themselves as well as Falke, Cecilia de Rafael, Trasparenze and many more high quality brands.

Watch our advert now:

10 Tights to Take your Halloween Costume to the Next Level

Halloween is soon approaching and we’re spending most of our time planning the most striking outfit for this years fright night! You may have a costume idea already or maybe you’re still looking for inspiration. Either way – don’t forget the all-important finishing touch to an insta-worthy look: Tights!

Luckily for you, here at The Tight Spot, we’ve got Halloween Hosiery covered. Check out our Halloween fancy dress guide below with what tights can help you achieve a sensational spook look.

10 Funky Halloween Tights that are guaranteed to up your costume to the next level!

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cobweb tights

Halloween Costume Ideas: Witch or Vampire or Sexy Zombie

These Pamela Mann Cobweb Pattern Net Tights are exactly what you need to add that extra spook factor to your costume. These funky pattern tights will keep you fashionable and scary at the same time! Pamela Mann cobweb net tights are available in plus size up to XXXL too.


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diamante fishnet tights

Halloween Costume Ideas: Marilyn Monroe or 1920’s flapper girl

Thinking of going as something classy this year? Well look no further than these gorgeous diamante fishnet tights. The perfect leg wear accessory to your costume – after all, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Vintage Prisoner, Circus Clown or Wednesday Addams

These stripe leggings are a bright and bold costume choice. Choose from a huge range of colours from black and white to yellow, prink or orange. You’ll have plenty of options for your Halloween costume –also available as footless tights.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.47.54

Halloween Costume Ideas: Anti-Christ or Goth

Pamela Mann’s opaque cross tights are a fun, gothic inspired pattern. Offering 60 denier opaque coverage – great for warmth if you’re party is outside! Take your Halloween costume to the next level with these cool pattern tights. Also available in XL.

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Skeleton

The skeleton, one of the classic Halloween costumes. Just add a black shirt and make up and you’ll be the trendiest skeleton ever!

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Halloween Costume Ideas: 1980’s Gym Teacher or Lady Of Wrestling

The gold glitter tights are the ultimate leg accessory to a 1980’s gym teacher Halloween costume. Or if you haven’t found Netflix’s GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies of Female Wrestling, channel their fierce looks in these glistening bronze tights.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.54.44

Halloween Costume Ideas: Vampire or Pirate

Available in black or burgundy, these velvet leggings will change your costume to make it even better! Perfect for a vampire or pirate costume. Or why not sex up this costume with leather look leggings instead, such as Jonathan Aston Leatherette Leggings and become a vampire vixen.

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Harley Quinn, Kim Kardashian, witch or vampire

These whalenet tights are the perfect accessory to any costume. They’re the most on trend look at the moment and will turn any Halloween costume into a fashionable outfit.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.30.55

Halloween Costume Ideas: Spider Queen

For a more subtle Halloween costume we recommend these cobweb over the knee tights. Pair these patterned over the knee tights with a black dress, or black skirt and black shirt and you could be a Spider Queen.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.34.29

Halloween Costume Ideas: Zombie covered in barbed wire

These cool gothic tattoo tights will make anyone believe that your legs are covered in barbwire. These tattoo effect tights are a great accessory for a zombie look, available in plus size up to XXXL.

All The Best Looks from Fashion Weeks So Far! Hosiery Style Update

MAGAZINE STYLE header fashion week

Magazine Style: Whale Net Tights.

Fishnet tights still reign supreme, with the use of whale net tights on the catwalk to create an eye catching finish. Kris Jenner who was watching from the front row also had a high impact look, with a smaller net. Try Levante Micro Net to get this polished look. For a regular net style try Trasparenze Rita Fishnets.

Magazine Style: Black is black

Black is the new Black and it’s as on trend as ever right now. The sheer black tights rocked the catwalk, showing how a little extra coverage on legs can add drama. A great addition to winter wear for a slinky, sassy look this season. For an oiled finish try Black shiny tights or try a patterned finish for a different look.

Magazine style: socks

It’s all about socks! Knee highs, over the knees and sheer socks are being spotted all over the place. For a cosy finish to bare legs or to add a dynamic feel to high fashion looks – Socks are going to be huge this season.

Magazine Style: plaid & tartan2

Plaid and Tartan leapt off the runway with a show stopping array of patterns. This chequered and argyle decoration is a fashion favourite. Clashing patterns upon patterns is a big tend and is easiest to replicate with funky accessories.



Footless Tights Are Making a Comeback

We’re only a few days into this years A/W Fashion Week and we’ve seen lots of fabulous things from NYFW already. From abnormally large winter coats to metallic high gloss dresses. Although during Fashion Week we expect the unexpected, one thing we didn’t see coming was the rise of footless tights and leggings.

Earlier this week Kim Kardashian made headlines for wearing just sheer footless tights, a black leather bandeau and a suit jacket.

kim kardashian footless tights

Club Monaco did their first fall 2017 collection at NYFW presenting a ‘thoughtful reimagining of the classic fall wardrobe’. Pioneering a look that’s bold but sophisticated from flared trousers to smart jackets, but the secret ingredient to these outfits are the footless tights being worn underneath the dresses and flared midi skirts.

club monaco leggings

Its 2017 and who would’ve thought footless tights and leggings would become such a prominent piece in fashion. A new twist on a style that has been placed at the bottom of the hosiery draw!

Why not try the look for yourself? Be as bold as Kim K and bare it all for the world to see or be fashion forward and try them underneath skirts and dresses for a 80’s inspired wardrobe update.

We recommend…

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Wolford Leggings

These Wolford legging can be combined in many creative ways and give every look that individual touch, whether with a skirt, dress or jumper.

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Gipsy Fishnet Footless Tights 

Fishnet is already a hot fashion trend, so why not update your look for the new season? Wear them with denim shorts, skirts, and high waisted jeans. The list is endless!

SHOP HERE: Pamela Mann 80 Denier Opaque Footless Tights

 Pamela Mann Leggings

You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic footless tights, perfect for any occasion. These Pamela Mann are made from high quality, 3D yarns that are knitted together for extra durability and elasticity. Perfect for any body shape, available up to XXXL.

The Glitterarti Love Wolford

The fashion brand is an iconic luxury label that is loved by celebrities from Kim Kardasian to Kate Middleton. Wolford started as a hosiery only brand, adored for its durable and comfortable legwear such as the ever-popular velvet de luxe tights. They later expanded to producing underwear and clothing. But how did this high end hosiery brand become the go to name for accessory staples pretty young things, social media starlets and reality tv royalty?!

The Wolford in pop culture frenzy began in the 90s with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s love for the brands bodycon dresses. The idolised twins’ style was being replicated by fans who wanted to dress like their fashion icons, making the brand a recognised label to a whole new market of stylish young adults and teens. For Hollywood red carpets to British aristocracy – it was also reported at this time that Princess Diana would only wear hosiery from this high end Austrian brand.


Ashley Olsen 2007

The bodycon dresses have been described as comfortable and supportive with no need for a bra. This ultra luxury feel is a key reason for the overwhelming amount of attraction from celebrities. The fatal dress is favoured most of all by Kim Kardasian, who wore the dress throughout her whole pregnancy – recommending it to gal pal model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigan, who also wore the dress during her pregnancy. The iconic Wolford body suits are also a go to piece for celebrities have been worn by stars including Selena Gomez to Michelle Monaghan, Miranda Kerr and Jamie King.



Selena Gomez in Wolford Body Suit and Jeans


The Kardishians are ‘Wolford superfans’ and have a craze for all of the clothing, hosiery and underwear produced by the brand. Every member of the family from Kylie Jenner to Kim are in love with the brand for its sophisticated look and high quality comfort.

Their polished look goes to show that investing in high quality foundation pieces will help your overall look to shine. Check out our fantastic range of Wolford hosiery for every day and fashion looks.


Brand new styles just in – Pyramid Tights have hundreds of tiny triangles all over the sheer front of the leg and Sideline tights have an animal print stripe on the inside and the outside of the leg. Have a look at the new fashion from Wolford here.


The everyday Wolford range is seen on various celebrities. Above shows Heidi Klum in Wolford Twenties, Taylor Swift In Wolford Stockings and Jamie King in a Wolford Body Suit.






The Garter Come Back

Garter belts are having a moment! This vintage style is making a come back due to the unique style and sex appeal. Garter belts and stockings have become a secret love for people of all ages! They can be hidden under clothes to give the appearance of tights, which makes them ideal for any occasion or can make an amazing impact for a special occasion.

Suspender Belts can be a fantastic alternative to tights or hold ups, giving a smooth finish under clothes hiding a special secret for the wearer only or delivering a perfect intimate surprise.

Many woman who wear stockings and a suspender belt rather than tights choose this look because of the way it makes them feel. Lindy Gallagher recently told The Mail Online that wearing Stockings and a Suspender Belt under her everyday clothes makes her feel younger!

The 54 year old estate agent says that wearing stockings is empowering and rebellious, acting as an ‘anti-ageing weapon’. The feminine and sexy appearance is great for those who have a set uniform for work, it can make them feel pretty even in drab clothes.

Finding stockings is easy and there are many styles to choose however it is more difficult to choose a garter belt that will best suit you and your shape. There are a few things to consider before making a decision on your purchase.

DeepLaceSuspenderBelt-Plus Sized-GlamShot


Firstly where will your belt sit? The waist is generally considered best for practicality and to hold everything in place.  Measure at the waist to avoid having to readjust it constantly and ensure that it sits comfortably. Some wearers (particularly for a bedroom look!) prefer a belt that sits on the hips – stretch styles are especially popular for this look as they hug the figure and don’t dig in.


Most straps can be adjusted with sliders to make the distance between the top and the stocking far shorter – the shorter the distance between the stockings and the suspender belt itself the better the hold will be. Suspender belts generally have 4 or 6 straps but can have even more! Some wears have a preference to metal or plastic clips. Plastic clips tend to be cheaper and also are kinder to stockings, where as metals clips offer a more vintage, retro finish.


There are a variety of choices to suit everyone’s needs. Vintage lovers are drawn to seamed stockings, these are a classic sexy look and come in a range of colours! There is also sheer, opaque, luxury or shiny stockings, which are ideal for everyday, match with a pencil skirt and blouse for a sophisticated look.


Miss Naughty have a sexy and comfortable lace or satin style that is the perfect for intimate occasions. These suspender belts have plastic clips and a hook and eye fastening at the back for a comfortable and easy wear. The Miss Naughty range is available in plus sizes up to XXXL.

Furthermore, the Silky Suspender Belt is discreet and affordable for all daywear. The Dreamgirl Suspender Belt has short straps for a strong hold, meaning that it can be worn for long periods of time without the need for readjusting. Including a bondage design, this belt is great for surprising that special someone!

Match your garter belt with the perfect stockings for you from the latest fashion styles to sheer, opaque or shiny stockings and seams. There are also luxury choices, fishnets, plain top and cheaper options, for those who would prefer to spend a little less.

Get on board with the ever more popular suspender belt fashion – find the perfect one for you at The Tight Spot today! Where will you wear yours?